Getting MyFoodTranslator Online

How we got our business online

Our restaurant went fully online
Our restaurant went fully online

Although I love making my own meals, I do often enjoy eating out in restaurants. Recently, I was out with a friend of mine, and while we were dining and having fun, he explained something to me, something that rather dazzled me. You see, my friend is an SEO expert, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it basically entails helping websites to be visible to people who are searching for them on Internet search engines like Google. His Name is Elisha Kim, and he is the Chief SEO Consultant for Savvy-SEO, He explained to me how the culinary industry is lagging quite behind in the Internet world. At first I didn’t quite understand what he meant, but it slowly started to sink in.

Using The Internet as a Medium for Business

Elisha explained that the Internet is in every way a mass media tool, as are newspapers, the radio and television. The problem with most business owners, especially when it comes to restaurants, is the lack of proper understanding of the possibilities that the Internet provides for them in terms of business growth. The majority of restaurant owners see the Internet as just a place to place adverts for new employees etc. and that serious marketing efforts are only possible with hotels and their online booking systems. The truth, according to Elisha of Savvy-SEO, is that these restaurant business owners are all mistaken.

The Possibilities for Restaurants

People have grown accustomed to searching for all types of stuff online, from taxi company numbers, to medication, love, and even pizza. There is a market for restaurants to market themselves locally. You definitely cannot provide everything for everyone, but if a restaurant could provide a certain level of specialization or uniqueness in a certain direction, either through its menu and choice of food, or even through its interior decoration, then this specific aspect can be used to market the restaurant effectively on the Internet. Surely, the target may not be the general public, and you may have to focus on a specific group of people, but with the Internet, this is okay, even perfect, the restaurant’s reach would even be broadened beyond its immediate locality. As you can see, concluded my friend, it’s the nature of Internet searches that makes it possible.

The Possibilities for Star Chefs

Elisha explained something else to me. It is a service that Savvy-SEO also offers to its clients, and it is called reputation management. With reputation management, a star chef or an aspiring star chef could increase his or her popularity online, promoting his or her special cooking abilities, and then, hopefully land bigger jobs or contracts. It is all possible, that is what we do at Savvy SEO he said and smiled.

The Wrap Up

Most people have the wrong impression of the culinary industry, including most restaurant owners. People tend to assume that restaurants sell food, and that the culinary business is all about cooking tasty meals. No wonder many new restaurants fail. The main product of a restaurant, or the culinary industry as a whole, is experience. Yes, you sell an experience in a restaurant, an experience that includes a meal. People who understand this have gone on to make fortunes for themselves, people like Ray Croc. If you too will understand this, then you will see that the Internet currently offers you a cost-effect way through Search Engine Optimization, to also build your dream into something great.

Alinea, A restaurant full of passion.

Few restaurants can claim the highly coveted 3 Michelin stars that are the true mark of expert culinary craftsmanship. Alinea is a restaurant that not only is one of the few restaurants to receive such high accolades but one of few in the entire U.S.

What makes Alinea so special?

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Well, inside the extensive 20-course meal that is provided lies a deeper meaning. The chef’s expression of himself oozes through into every dish and ultimately into each one of our pallets. Success for the Alinea head chef Grant Achatz lies in not only delicious food but “I want costumers to feel like they know me, the chef, after they eat my foo?d”.

How can food allow someone to get to know someone we have never met The same way we can feel connected to an artist through a piece of art. However, with food, we have more sensations to play that make for a much deeper experience. And let’s just say the food can really speak for itself.

At a price not to be scoffed at, $210-$265 per person, Alinea is said to definitely be worth the money. So bring a camera to document your culinary adventure and enjoy something completely unique. Get to know your chef through the intimacy of food that has been thoroughly prepared by hand and the aid of modern science.